0 Elegant Chordata Nervous System

chordate a chordate is an animal belonging to the phylum chordata chordates possess a notochord a hollow dorsal nerve cord pharyngeal slits an endostyle and a post anal nervous system the vertebrate system nervous system the vertebrate system the nervous system of vertebrates has two main divisions the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord life history and ecology of the chordata ucmp chordata life history and ecology while the chordata share many developmental features their life histories and ecology vary greatly for instance adult phylum chordata the college preparatory school the phylum chordata contains all animals that possess at some point during their lives a hollow nerve cord and a notochord a flexible rod between the nerve cord phylum chordata tree of life fossil phylum chordata prises those animals most often occupying the top of the food chain including the fishes reptiles and thus the major phyla animals wayne s word phyla with a true coelom and digestive system are divided into two groups the protostomes and the deuterostomes as the hollow sphere of cells known as a blastula biology wall charts biocam 18 " by 24" 45 7cm by 61 cm laminated for durability state of the art photography and illustration southern biological home page wel e to southern biological "a world of learning" our aim is to make science education easier for teachers and more interesting for students so we choose new endocrine system anatomy the most primitive endocrine systems seem to be those of the neurosecretory type in which the nervous system either secretes neurohormones hormones that act on or tunicate a tunicate is a marine invertebrate animal a member of the subphylum tunicata which is part of the chordata a phylum which includes all animals with dorsal nerve

cmtm5 gene genecards cklf5 protein mal gene genecards mal protein hapln1 gene genecards hpln1 protein kcne4 gene genecards kcne4 protein kcnk5 gene genecards kcnk5 protein basp1 gene genecards basp1 protein rgs8 gene genecards rgs8 protein barx2 gene genecards barx2 protein epm2aip1 gene genecards epmip protein cox6c gene genecards cox6c protein

tdgf1 gene genecards tdgf1 protein c7 gene genecards co7 protein lgi4 gene genecards lgi4 protein cacng2 gene genecards ccg2 protein lrrc37b gene genecards lr37b protein gpr26 gene genecards gpr26 protein zbtb7a gene genecards zbt7a protein thpo gene genecards tpo protein fastkd2 gene genecards fakd2 protein klhl40 gene genecards klh40 protein

cdkn2b gene genecards cdn2b protein znf281 gene genecards zn281 protein hpse2 gene genecards hpse2 protein c1qtnf2 gene genecards c1qt2 protein ccdc50 gene genecards ccd50 protein cd226 gene genecards cd226 protein ackr1 gene genecards ackr1 protein gpr22 gene genecards gpr22 protein nov gene genecards nov protein nrip3 gene genecards nrip3 protein


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