Detained for the Second Season – Warrior Nun

Adapted from Ben Dunn’s comic titled Warrior Nun, the Warrior Nun series is a new spectacle from Netflix this July. The synopsis can be seen from the title. A group of nuns who were part of the secret organization of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a women’s organization founded since the First Crusade.

Each generation has Halo Bearer, the female warrior who inherits Halo, an inheritance from angels to the first Nun Warrior, Areala. Those who inherit Halo will get superpowers; become stronger, heal wounds faster, and the ability to penetrate walls.

The first season focuses on Ava, a teenager from an orphanage who has died and come back to life after receiving Halo. It’s just that Ava wants freedom after all her life only in an orphanage. Until finally he accepted this responsibility and fought on behalf of the Sisters Warrior.

Prologue Warrior Nun

The story revolves around the theme of religion against science. There are parts that question the Vatican’s hegemony in storing historical artifacts and what can be done by science when it can learn these artifacts.


It’s not just a fight between good and evil. But also the intrigue and politics that occurred in the Vatican and even the Sister Warrior organization itself. Each character has its own problems and shortcomings that will later influence the dynamics of the plot and story.

Each cast gave a neat appearance. But Alba Baptista shines as Ava: from a spoiled teenager who loses direction to a fighter who is ready to run amok. There is also a humorous part where Ava is a monologue with herself. Although often disturbing important dialogue in the story.

New Universe

Netflix often outcomes comic series, such as The Umbrella Academy. The Warrior Nun season 1 series is the beginning of Dunn’s manga-style comic book transformation, which was first published in 1994. The comic series tells the story of Sister Shannon Masters, a modern fighter from the time of the Crusades.

Shannon is The Chosen One chosen by Areala to fight agents from hell. Whereas the series this time focuses on Ava, not Sister Shannon. Played by Melina Mattews, Sister Shannon only appears in a few episodes.

The idea of ​​the Vatican holding a big secret was already popular through the Assassin’s Creed and The Da Vinci Code franchises. Warrior Nun is not very strong in raising this issue. Especially with the plot that is still rigid and a messy telling between the main plot and supporters.