The Sex Education Serial Blunt, Funny, and Relevant

The Sex Education series tells the story of Otis, a 16-year-old teenager who is late in developing and not particularly interested in sex, different from teenagers his age. Even so, he has a lot of knowledge about sexual matters because his mother is a sex psychologist. Her schoolmate, Maeve sees Otis’s knowledge as a promising prospect and they open a paid sex clinic to help children at their school with all kinds of sexual problems.

Episode 1 Sex Education directly displays a pretty explicit bed scene. This gave the impression that the series would use the same approach in presenting teenage and sex stories like films like American Pie and the like.

But apparently not, Sex Education does not even follow the typical elements of these films. Depictions of characters such as the most popular gangs or bullies are not cliché. They are not always introduced as athletes or walk-in corridors with slow-motion.

Teenagers who are loved by women because of great sex are also not too highlighted. And not all virgin teens rush to find a boyfriend or have sex before they graduate.

This series gives the impression that being popular, unpopular, strange, awkward, and so on in adolescence is common.

Fun again, there are no characters that are really evil here. The bullied character is shown as a high school kid who is tacky and stupid. His character is even quite interesting because it has complicated problems that invite sympathy.

The Sex Education series further highlighted what was experienced by British teenagers (especially in this film) during school as honestly as unsweetened as most fiction. Ranging from sex, sexual orientation, friendship, to family problems are displayed very bluntly and awkwardly like a sex education class.

Asa Butterfield is perfect for an awkward and unpopular main character. His broad knowledge and kind and wise character make him cooler than the popular teenage characters in this series.

On the other hand, Emma Macky who is similar to Margot Robbie plays neatly as Maeve, an outcast teenager who is labeled cheap. But his intelligence and interest in feminist ideas made him not just a supporting actor on 8tube.

The Sex Education series raises issues that are relevant to today

Sex Education is set in a small town in England that looks retro through its costumes, vehicles, and soundtrack. However, the series is set in the current era and does not always focus on Otis and Maeve’s paid sex clinics. This series provides the right portion to discuss each supporting character with all their problems.

Each of their issues raises relevant contemporary issues about how teenagers find their identity (especially Eric, played by Ncuti Gatwa) and how the environment sees it, both in terms of education, hobbies, or sexual orientation.