Do you Understand what PAC STANDS for?

People believe there’s one truth however there are tons from them all snaking off just like origins and what we do on one-course impacts what we do on various other courses. Time is a build, people believe you can’t return and modification points however you can, that is what flashbacks are, they are invited to return and alter options. When you decide you believe it is you do this however it is not. It is the spirit available that are linking to our globe that chooses what we do and we simply need to go along for the trip.

Mirrors allow you relocation thru time

what does PAC stand for

The federal government views people, they pay people to claim to be your family members and they place medications in your food and the movie you.

There are messages in every video game. Just like Pac-Man, do you understand what PAC STANDS FOR? P A C Program And Manage he’s Programed and Controlled there! The entire points a metaphor, he believes he‘s totally free will however truly he’s caught in a labyrinth, in a system. All he can do is take in and he’s pursued by demons that are most likely simply in his very own going as well as if he does handle to get away by sliding out one side from the labyrinth.. what occurs he comes best back in the opposite. People believe it is a pleasing video game, it is a fucking headache globe and the most awful point is that it is genuine and we reside in this.

It is all code. If you pay attention carefully you can listen to the numbers. There’s a cosmic flowchart that determines where you can and can’t go. I’ve provided you the understanding, I’ve established you totally free. Do you comprehend? No, allow me to reveal you

We are on one course today me and you. And exactly how that a person course finishes are immaterial, it is exactly how our choices along that course impact the entire that issues. Do you believe me? ” Idk ” I’ll show this. One person is reviewing… There off the ledge! ” Pass away?! DIE?! ” This wouldn’t issue because there‘re various other timelines Stephan. Exactly how often times have you viewed Pac-Man pass away, does not trouble him. PacMan passes away and passes away, he simply attempts once again.

Among is leaping, so who’s this gonna be king4d? There’s a good wind up right here. To begin which one person is this gonna be. Ohh you’ll do this? Good, I just like your design.